trans failsafe prog bmw x5. Повылезали ошибки БМВ Х5 Е53 (BMW X5 E53). Восстановление е53 m62b44tu (часть 24) Установленные масленые BMW E38 E 39 E53 E46 signs of a failing ignition switch plus how to replace it. BMW i Auto Transmission Fault. V ДВС (Двигатель) BMW X5.

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Здравствуйте.Мужики подскажите проблема такова -пишет на дисплее Trans. failsafe prog,машина стоит на месте двигатель работает а не едит. Как понимаю проблема в коробке Что и как с чего начинать? на сколько я попал? Annoyingly this trans failsafe prog error has returned as of today Really thought the change of battery had cured it but a week later still the same issue.

9/3/ · E39 ( - ) The BMW 5-Series (E39 chassis) was introduced in the United States as a model year car and lasted until the when the E60 chassis was released. The United States saw several variations including the i, i, i and i. It's suddenly and unexpectantly my turn for the E39 TRANS. FAILSAFE PROG transmission. Comments: I have the code appear 'trans failsafe prog' after installing aftermarket headlamps. My e39 m54b22 runs at 3rd gear after the code appear. Comments: Hi, I have a BMW E39 i automatic, I was driving on the free way when it would not shift to a higher gear i was going 45 and it was at rpm. The D light clicked off and i.

Сильный толчок коробки и неприятный сигнал ошибки TRANS. FAILSAFE PROG. Коробка встала в аварийный режим. И в голове тысячи. Доброго времени суток господа! Выскочила ошибка TRANS. FAILSAFE PROG. и коробка встала в аварийный режим ошибку сбросил но.

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